DataWalk Software

Organizations in Public Safety, Government, Intelligence, Insurance, Procurement, and other sectors often face challenges analyzing large volumes of data, across multiple data sources with different data structures and security permissions. Accessing, cleaning, combining, and analyzing this data can be highly problematic, impacting the organization’s ability to fulfill their mission or meet their objectives.

DataWalk is a patented, commercial-grade Big Data software platform for connecting numerous large data sets into a single repository for fast visual analysis, scoring, triage, and investigations.

Use Cases

Ranging from Law Enforcement and Intelligence applications, to anti-fraud and anti-money laundering, possible use cases for Datawalk are far reaching.

Using a massively scalable big-data engine, combined with user-friendly visual interfaces, Datawalk eliminates the restrictions of data silos, allowing government agencies and commerical enterprises to rapidly achieve solutions in the following areas:

  • Law Enforcement and Cryptocurrency Investigations and Tracking, Anti-Money Laundering, National Intelligence, Pandemic Response, Procurement Services Analysis, Insurance Services
  • Contraband Movement, Counter-Drug / Intelligence / Terrorism Efforts, Organized Crime, Human Trafficking.
  • Espionage, External and Internal Fraud, Management of Assets, Process Monitoring and Exploration

DataWalk Technology

DataWalk technology enables the user to quickly connect vast amounts of data from desktops, databases, and other internal/external data sources into a single unified repository. The user can then easily transform ("clean") their data, add new data sources, and perform entity resolution. Through link analysis, histograms and other visual queries, the user can easily re-organize and report on data all from within DataWalk.

Datawalk utilizes a comprehensive scoring engine which leverages engrained rules libraries for detection, but also allows administrators to create and tune customized rules, without requiring coding, SQL, or enhanced scripting.

  • Automatic Data Cleansing and Normalization
  • Visualize All Data
  • Create Data Connections
  • Powerful Link Charts
  • Detect Patterns and Anomalies
  • Calculate Risk Scores and Alerts
  • Text Analysis, Repeatable Lookups and Intelligence, and Reporting

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