PARC is the premier Kofax Capture consulting and implementation specialist in British Columbia.Kofax provides a business with the ability to scan, organize, and prioritize paper and electronic forms in an intuitive way.

Kofax can be customized to collect even the smallest amount of information. Business rules can be applied to the extracted data to ensure integrity and alignment with business processes.Kofax also provides the ability to present captured information within a variety of software systems. And it provides the ability to export all captured information to Records or Document Management Systems

Business Intelligence

Employing Business Intelligence technologies is essential to the success of any operation. The transformation of raw data into useful sets of information can help a business to improve processes, identify strategic opportunities, and ensure staying power in competitive markets.

PARC helps our clients access crucial business intelligence that:

  • Improves company value, knowledge generation, and operational efficiency through the collection and analysis of internal and external data
  • Optimizes problem-solving and decision-making processes
  • Highlights new revenue opportunities
  • Elevates compliance to regulations and guidelines

Financial Systems Integration

Many companies today continue to rely on manual processes for key financial controls, putting them at risk of failure to meet compliance standards.PARC’s expertise in understanding an organization’s application infrastructure allows us to design and develop an integration framework that creates a unified database and user interface that connects our clients’ accounting financial functions with other business applications.

PARC’s Financial Systems Integration services allow for optimized process results, reduced risk, and a more transparent financial system for the entire enterprise.

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